Mongoolse Pieper

Anthus godlewskii  ·  Blyth's Pipit

id 67778
datum 14 oktober 2018
gemeente Vlieland (FR)
locatie Vliehors, oost Sovon telgebied
coördinaten N 53.24755  O 4.9311
aantal, kleed 1
soort waarneming veldwaarneming
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) H.H. van Oosten, F. Jongbloed, K. Kraaijeveld et al
opmerkingen Vlieland, 14 and 20 October, photographed, sound-recorded (H H van Oosten, F Jongbloed, K Kraaijeveld et al). With five reports on Vlieland and one on nearby Texel within six days’ time, both on the ground and (seemingly) migrating, it was difficult to determine the number of individuals involved. Since Blyth’s Pipit is a very rare species, a conservative approach was adopted. Two individuals were accepted: one long-stayer (seen on three occasions in the same general area on 14 and 20 October) and one actively migrating bird that hopped islands between Vlieland and Texel, also on 20 October. However, it is quite possible that more individuals were involved. Annual Report 2018.
gekoppelde gevallen 67778 14 oktober 2018
Vlieland (FR) Vliehors, oost Sovon telgebied
67822 20 oktober 2018
Vlieland (FR) Vliehors


Herman van Oosten · Mongoolse Pieper


Herman van Oosten · Mongoolse Pieper

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