Emberiza cirlus  ·  Cirl Bunting

id 67660
datum 20 april t/m 10 juli 2018: 82 dagen
gemeente Weert (LI)
locatie Budeler- en Weerterbergen
coördinaten N 51.26761  O 5.6260
aantal, kleed 1
soort waarneming veldwaarneming
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) R.M. van Dongen, W. Steenge, J. Hendriks et al
opmerkingen 20 April to 10 July, also seen at Cranendonk NB, male, photographed, sound-recorded (R M van Dongen, W Steenge, J Hendriks et al; van Dongen et al 2018; Dutch Birding 40: 204, plate 274, 209, plate 281, 283, plate 379, 2018, 41: 19, plate 19, 2019). With the previous one being in 2011, this year’s long-staying, territorial male on the border of Limburg and Noord-Brabant was much appreciated. Somewhat surprisingly, a second bird turned up along the coast but this one was very elusive. It was found right next to the singing presumed hybrid Western Bonelli’s x Wood Warbler Phylloscopus bonelli x sibilatrix (see above). The observers speculated that the similarity of their songs must have drawn the bunting to the site. The bird vanished into thin air within minutes after it was found. Despite 100s of birders being in the area for a nearby Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler P orientalis, only a handful caught a glimpse of this unpredictable bunting that moved over several kilometres within short time spans. A song analysis confirmed that, despite the distances between the sightings, only one bird was involved. Annual Report 2018.
gekoppelde gevallen 67660 20 april t/m 10 juli 2018
Weert (LI) Budeler- en Weerterbergen
67777 20 april t/m 10 juli 2018
Cranendonck (NB) Budel - Weerter- en Budelerbergen (Brabants deel)


Toy Janssen · Cirlgors Marnix Jonker · Cirlgors Ran Schols · Cirlgors Ran Schols · Cirlgors

Guus van Duin · Cirlgors, Budeler- en Weerterbergen, Weert, 29 april 2019, Guus van Duin

Cirlgors bij Budel [dutchbirding.nl]


Arnoud B van den Berg, 22 april 2018, Noord-Brabant · Cirlgors


Arnoud B van den Berg · Cirlgors, 6 June 2018, Nederweert, Limburg

DB 40:208 Honkvaste Cirlgors bij Budel

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