Roze Pelikaan

Pelecanus onocrotalus  ·  Great White Pelican

id 2421
datum 6 mei 2006
gemeente Bronckhorst (GE)
locatie Hummelo
coördinaten N 52.01185  O 6.2141
aantal, kleed 1, adult
soort waarneming veldwaarneming
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) E. Lam, F. Balduk, G. Nijhuis et al
opmerkingen 6 May, Hummelo, Hummelo en Keppel, Gelderland, adult (E Lam, F Balduk, G Nijhuis et al), and 8 May, Heerenveen, Friesland, and 10 May, Tjeukemeer, Friesland, and 13 May, Sneekermeer, Friesland, and 13-31 May, Tjeukemeer, Friesland, photographed (J Heusinkveld et al; Birding World 19: 196, 2006, Dutch Birding 28: 255, plate 358, 2006), and 20-21 July, Akersloot, Noord-Holland, photographed, and 21 July, Alkmaar and Den Helder, Noord-Holland, and 22 July to 7 August, Horsmeertjes, Texel, Noord-Holland, photographed (S Miske, A Wassink et al), and 8-12 August, Mariëndal, Den Helder, Noord-Holland, photographed (Birding World 19: 322, 2006, 20: 29, 2007, Dutch Birding 28: 328, plate 452, 2006). This long-staying individual gave everyone a good opportunity to study this big bird, which was seen roosting in a tree from time to time. Coincidently, after this bird was seen for the last time on 12 August, an individual frequented various locations on the British east coast between 16 August and 6 September (cf van den Berg & Haas 2006 [Annual Report 2006]. The adult seen at various sites in the Netherlands between 6 May and 12 August 2006 and accepted as the ninth record (cf van der Vliet al 2007) was considered by the British Birds Rarities Committee (BBRC) as the same bird seen in Britain, first in Norfolk and Lincolnshire, England, on 16 August 2006, then north to Moray, Scotland, and west to Anglesey, Wales, and ending its journey in Northumberland, England, in early October 2006, when it was taken into care; also, it is regarded as the same individual seen in Germany on 2-15 July (it was not seen in the Netherlands between from 1 June to 19 July) (Hudson & Rarities Committee 2008). It has been accepted by BBRC in Category D of the British list [Annual Report 2007].
gekoppelde gevallen 2421 6 mei 2006
Bronckhorst (GE) Hummelo
32493 7 mei 2006
Ameland (FR) Buren
2420 8 mei 2006
Heerenveen (FR) Heerenveen
32005 10 mei 2006
De Fryske Marren (FR) Tjeukemeer
32007 13 mei 2006
Súdwest-Fryslân (FR) Sneekermeer
32015 13 t/m 31 mei 2006
De Fryske Marren (FR) Tjeukemeer
2417 20 t/m 21 juli 2006
Castricum (NH) Akersloot
2418 21 juli 2006
Alkmaar (NH) Alkmaar
2419 21 juli 2006
Den Helder (NH) Den Helder
2425 22 juli t/m 7 augustus 2006
Texel (NH) Horsmeertjes
2422 8 t/m 13 augustus 2006
Den Helder (NH) Mariëndal

DB 30:369-389 artikelen - Rare birds in the Netherlands in 2007

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