Aquila fasciata  ·  Bonelli's Eagle

id 68750
datum 22 t/m 30 maart 2020: 9 dagen
gemeente Sluis (ZL)
locatie Nederland
coördinaten N 51.25105  O 3.4891
aantal, kleed 1, 2e kj vrouw
soort waarneming veldwaarneming
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
opmerkingen Belgian-Dutch Border near Sint Kruis, Sluis, and several locations in ZL, NB, GE, OV, FL and FR, 22-30 March, 2cy female (nr 26) with GPS transmitter, tagged (via Centre de Recherches sur la Biologie des Populations d’Oiseaux (CRBPO)). This individual was never seen in the field: the GPS-transmitter attached to this female revealed that it passed six Dutch provinces unnoticed before returning home to France. Later that year, it wandered off again, this time leaving the Netherlands aside and passing Germany on its way to Denmark. Unsurprisingly given the rarity of this species in north-western Europe, this was the first year with more than one record.
gekoppelde gevallen 68750 22 t/m 30 maart 2020
Sluis (ZL) Nederland
68749 13 t/m 15 april 2021
Woensdrecht (NB) Kalmthoutse Heide, Woensdrecht, and Boxtel, and Zalk, Kampen OV, and Norg DR,
69004 14 april 2021
Kampen (gemeente) (OV) Zalk

Havikarend [crbpoinfo.blogspot.com]

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