Kleine Regenwulp

Numenius minutus  ·  Little Curlew

id 68327
datum 23 december 2019 t/m 18 januari 2020: 27 dagen
gekoppeld aan 68319
gemeente Schagen (gemeente) (NH)
locatie Polder Burgerhorn eo
coördinaten N 52.77660  O 4.7667
aantal, kleed 1, 1-2 kj
soort waarneming veldwaarneming
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) S Algera, F Visscher, E B Ebels et al
opmerkingen photographed, videoed (Algera & Ebels 2020; Dutch Birding 42: 49, plate 68, 65, plate 98-99, 81, plate 118, 82, plate 119, 83, plate 120-123, 144, plate 205, 2020). Right before Christmas, 2019 had one more surprise in stock. The ninth Little Curlew for the WP was found by an observer reading Eurasian Curlew N arquata rings. The date was remarkable, since very few winter records from the Northern Hemisphere are known. With relatively few accessible sites in Asia and Australia to connect with this species, it was a new bird for many a world lister and it therefore did not only draw Dutch but also quite a few foreign birders to the site.
gekoppelde gevallen 68319 23 december 2019 t/m 18 januari 2020
Hollands Kroon (NH) Hollands Kroon
68327 23 december 2019 t/m 18 januari 2020
Schagen (gemeente) (NH) Polder Burgerhorn eo


Steven Wytema · Kleine Regenwulp - Schagen, 25 december 2019, Steven Wytema

Daniël Boer · Kleine Regenwulp - Oudesluis, 30 december 2019, Daniël Boer

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