Numenius tenuirostris  ·  Slender-billed Curlew

id 68092
datum november 1921
gemeente onbekend (NL)
locatie onbekend
aantal, kleed 1, adult man
soort waarneming vondst
status Niet aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
opmerkingen date unknown, municipality unknown, province unknown, adult male, shot, sold and bought on 1 December at Leadenhall Market, London, England, now in collection of Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, Seattle, Washington, USA, photographed (identification accepted). This specimen was neatly discovered by a Dutch museum scientist and birder, who found out that it had been bought by Henry Munt, a respectable collector, on 1 December 1921 at Leadenhall Market, London, England, from a shipment that reportedly originated from the Netherlands (Jansen & Oreel 2020). Despite the significance of the submission – this is after all almost certainly an extinct species now – it was not accepted. Leadenhall Market has a history of fraud as far as the origin of specimens is concerned, which has led to questions over records of rare birds (Collinson 2012, Harrop et al 2012, McGhie 2012). Large quantities of birds were imported in frozen state from, eg, Russia, and unpacked and sold as fresh. The origin of shot birds was frequently vague, or deliberately mislabeled by the vendors, probably out of disinterest or to cover up illegal trade (McGhie 2012). To minimalise the chances of fraudulent historical reports getting unjustly accepted, the committee is strict in its demand that the details of the month when and province where a specimen was collected need to be known. Annual Report 2019.

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