Catharus minimus  ·  Grey-cheeked Thrush

id 67825
datum 5 t/m 20 november 2018: 16 dagen
gemeente Westland (ZH)
locatie Monster
coördinaten N 52.04471  O 4.1876
aantal, kleed 1, eerste-kalenderjaar
soort waarneming (ring)vangst
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) via Vogelhospitaal de Wulp, V. van der Spek et al
opmerkingen 5 November, 1cy, caught, taken into care at Den Haag, Zuid-Holland (until 20 November), ringed, photographed, sound-recorded, videoed (via Vogelhospitaal de Wulp, V van der Spek et al; Dutch Birding 40: 419, plate 566, 2018, 41: 69, plate 95, 2019). This weakened bird was picked up and taken into care, where it recovered well. After having spent two weeks in care, it was ringed and released at Ockenburgh, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, on 20 November. The news was suppressed in order to avoid pressure on its caretakers. After its release, it immediately disappeared into the thickets, never to be seen again – despite the news being shared on release. DNA analyses showed that it belonged to the subspecies C m aliciae but this information has not (yet) been stored in GenBank and the subspecific identity was therefore not (yet) considered by the CDNA. To the best of our knowledge, this was the first DNA-tested Grey-cheeked Thrush in Europe. Despite the many records in Britain, this new species was not as expected as it may first seem: there are no records for Belgium and Luxemburg, none of the seven French records are from the northern part of the country and the single German record dates back to 1937; so in this part of north-western Europe it is an extremely rare bird. Annual Report 2018.


Vincent van der Spek · Grijswangdwerglijster Vincent van der Spek · Grijswangdwerglijster

Grijswangdwerglijster: een nieuwe soort voor de Benelux [dutchbirding.nl]

DB 42:92 Grijswangdwerglijster bij Monster in november 2018


Vincent van der Spek · Vincent van der Spek, Westland, 5 november 2018

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