Blauwe Rotslijster

Monticola solitarius  ·  Blue Rock Thrush

id 67319
datum 25 t/m 26 april 2017: 2 dagen
gemeente Vlieland (FR)
locatie Oostpunt
coördinaten N 53.29715  O 5.0928
aantal, kleed 1, tweede-kalenderjaar mannetje
soort waarneming veldwaarneming
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) A. Zijlstra et al
opmerkingen 25-26 April, Noordoosthoek, and 26 April, Oude Eendenkooi, Vlieland, Friesland, second calendar-year male, photographed, videoed (A Zijlstra et al; Zijlstra et al 2017; Dutch Birding 39: 192, plate 256, 194, plate 257-258, 220, plate 302, 2017). The morning of the second day of the bird’s stay, it apparently tried to leave the eastern tip of the island several times but seemed to get cold feet when confronted with so much water. At c 10:30, it took off again, this time in a westerly direction, and disappeared out of sight above the island. Amazingly, this needle in a haystack was relocated 7 km to the west, near a forester’s house in a small wooded area, where it was twitched until dusk. This was the second record, after a first calendar-year bird at Westkapelle, Zeeland, on 20 September 2003. Annual Report 2017.
gekoppelde gevallen 67319 25 t/m 26 april 2017
Vlieland (FR) Oostpunt
67411 26 april 2017
Vlieland (FR) Oude Eendenkooi


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Blauwe Rotslijster op Vlieland [dutchbirding.nl]


August van Rijn · Blauwe Rotslijster

DB 39:192 Blauwe Rotslijster op Vlieland in april 2017 [Blue Rock Thrush on Vlieland in April 2017]

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