Cursorius cursor  ·  Cream-colored Courser

id 24792
datum 18 oktober 1844
gemeente Wijdemeren (NH)
locatie 's-Graveland
co√∂rdinaten N 52.24408  O 5.1205
aantal, kleed 1, eerste-kalenderjaar
soort waarneming vondst
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
opmerkingen 1844 c 18 October, 's-Graveland, Wijdemeren, Noord-Holland, first calendar-year, shot, photographed, skin in collection of NCB Naturalis Leiden (via R J Vlek). The record was reviewed but not accepted because it was unclear in which year the bird had been collected (van IJzendoorn et al 1996). However, it is back on the Dutch list thanks to the efforts of Ruud Vlek (in litt), who recently traced a short note in a newspaper, Dagblad van 's-Graven­hage of 21 October 1844, with a photograph of the fresh corpse. Other records of this species were in November 1909, October. [Annual Report 2011]. This record was already mentioned in Ovaa et al (2012). Contrary to what was stated there, the original article about this record was published in the Amsterdamsche Courant on 21 October 1844. During the next week, seven other Dutch newspapers paid attention to this rare bird (Ruud Vlek in litt) [Annual Report 2012].


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