Aegolius funereus  ·  Tengmalm’s Owl

id 2150
datum 20 februari t/m 7 juni 2009: 108 dagen
gemeente Aa en Hunze (DR)
locatie Hondsrug
coördinaten vervaagd
aantal, kleed 4
soort waarneming veldwaarneming
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) M. Jonker en Werkgroep Ruigpootuilen
opmerkingen 24 February to 7 June, Hondsrug, Drenthe, eight (two breeding pairs, one chick fledged, and three unpaired males), photographed, sound-recorded (M Jonker & Werkgroep Ruigpootuilen). The members of the Werkgroep Ruigpootuilen (Working group for Boreal Owls) put a lot of effort into finding territorial Boreal Owls in Drenthe. One of the breeding pairs stayed in one of the two nesting areas of 2008 while at the other site only the male was still present. Elsewhere, a new breeding pair was found which successfully rais ed one chick, and two unpaired males were calling. For the total, it is assumed that the breeding males of 2008 and 2009 were the same and paired with the same female, although this cannot be proven. More exact information about the sites is not given to minimize the risk of disturbance. Annual Report 2009. 2009 # DRENTHE Hondsrug, Aa en Hunze, 20 February to 7 June (was 24 February to 7 June), eight (two breeding pairs, one chick fledged, and three unpaired males). date extension. Annual Report 2020.
gekoppelde gevallen 2150 20 februari t/m 7 juni 2009
Aa en Hunze (DR) Hondsrug
12032 24 januari t/m 2 juli 2010
Aa en Hunze (DR) Hondsrug


Sander Bot · Ruigpootuil


Marnix Jonker · Ruigpootuil Gert Ottens · Ruigpootuil

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