Emberiza chrysophrys  ·  Yellow-browed Bunting

id 69229
datum 21 t/m 24 oktober 2022: 4 dagen
gemeente Tynaarlo (DR)
locatie Bongveenweg, Bunne
coƶrdinaten N 53.09779  O 6.4950
aantal, kleed 1, 1e kj man
soort waarneming veldwaarneming
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) E Heres et al
opmerkingen photographed, sound-recorded, videoed (Heres & Ebels 2023; Dutch Birding 44: 477, plate 708-709, 2022, 45: 322-325, plate 406-411, 2023). It took 40 years since the first, a 1cy male ringed on 9 October 1982 on Schiermonnikoog FR, before the second showed up. It was found by a birder cycling through the woods in the land-locked province of Drenthe. On her way back home, she found and identified this beauty along a rural road, putting the news out in time to allow many birders to admire it over four days. It was frequently coming to seeds provided by birders.


Eva Heres · Geelbrauwgors Eva Heres · Geelbrauwgors Eva Heres · Geelbrauwgors Eva Heres · Geelbrauwgors Jaap Denee · Geelbrauwgors Jaap Denee · Geelbrauwgors Jaap Denee · Geelbrauwgors


Arnoud B van den Berg · Geelbrauwgors


Folkert Jan Hoogstra · Geelbrauwgors Marten Miske · Geelbrauwgors

Geelbrauwgors in Bunne [dutchbirding.nl]

DaniĆ«l Boer · Mega rarity: Yellow-browed Bunting - Geelbrauwgors 21-10-2022

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