Humes Braamsluiper

Sylvia althaea althaea ㅤ  ·  Hume's Whitethroat

id 68718
datum 16 september 2014
gemeente Wassenaar (ZH)
locatie Meijendel
coördinaten N 52.13513  O 4.3334
aantal, kleed 1, 1e kj
soort waarneming (ring)vangst
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) V van der Spek, R van der Vliet
opmerkingen mtDNA analyses (based on feather sample) stored in GenBank, photographed. The taxon althaea was not only new to the Netherlands, but also new to Europe. Breast feathers of the bird were collected during an ongoing genetic study on lesser whitethroat taxa. Its mtDNA was already tested in the first bunch of analyses for this study in 2016 but the genetic data have only recently been stored in GenBank. Only then could this record be formally reviewed. The measurements and plumage features fit what is known from this Central Asian taxon and, combined with its genetics, this was enough to accept this unexpected record. In November-December 2020, the second for Europe was found and confirmed by DNA in Finland. The position of lesser whitethroat taxa divides taxonomical authorities but nominate althaea has historically been the one that was often regarded as a full species separate from Sylvia curruca sensu lato. Olsen et al (2013) found a basal dichotomy in which althaea, blythi, halimodendri and margelanica separated 4.2 mya from the clade of curruca and minula. Based upon this finding,CSNA regards Hume’s Whitethroat as a species with four subspecies which, apart from nominate althaea, include two other WP taxa, Siberian Lesser Whitethroat S a blythi and Desert Lesser Whitethroat S a halimodendri (Redactie Dutch Birding 2014). Annual Report 2020


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