Motacilla cinereocapilla  ·  White-throated Wagtail

id 67652
datum 21 april t/m 9 juli 2018: 80 dagen
gemeente Groningen (GR)
locatie Onnerpolder
co√∂rdinaten N 53.16509  O 6.6649
aantal, kleed 1, mannetje
soort waarneming veldwaarneming
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) L. Brinkhuizen, T. Mulder et al
opmerkingen 21 April to 9 July, male, photographed, sound-recorded, videoed (L Brinkhuizen, T Mulder et al; Dutch Birding 40: 205, plate 277, 278, plate 370, 2018, 41: 19, plate 20, 2019). Totals include two birds accepted as Ashy-headed Wagtail M c cinereocapilla. Since individuals of more common taxa with white throats also occur, and raspy song elements are sometimes mistaken for calls, recordings of the call remain required to get a record accepted. The territorial bird from 2018 remained in the area for nearly three months, allowing plenty of opportunities to record the diagnostic call. It mostly resembled Ashy-headed but the hint of a whitish eyebrow behind the eye made it impossible to separate it from an intergrade with Spanish Wagtail M c iberiae. The 2017 bird mainly resembled Spanish on plumage but sonagrams of the calls seemed to fit Ashy-headed a bit better. It was therefore not accepted on subspecific level. Out of the now six records, no (certain) Spanish has been recorded. Annual Report 2018.


Marnix Jonker · Witkeelkwikstaart Thijs Glastra · Witkeelkwikstaart


Alwin van Lubeck · Witkeelkwikstaart

Rik Winters · Witkeelkwikstaart

Erik de Waard · Witkeelkwikstaart, Onnerpolder, Groningen, 26 april 2018, Erik de Waard

Michael Kopijn · Witkeelkwikstaart, Onnerpolder, Groningen, 11 mei 2018, Michael Kopijn


Martijn Bot · Witkeelkwikstaart Gerrit Kiekebos · Witkeelkwikstaart Thijs Glastra · Witkeelkwikstaart Arnoud B van den Berg · Witkeelkwikstaart Arnoud B van den Berg · Witkeelkwikstaart

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