Grote | Kleine Grijze Snip

Limnodromus scolopaceus | griseus  ·  dowitcher

id 67354
datum 29 april 2017
gemeente Noardeast-Fryslân (FR)
locatie Ezumakeeg Noord, Lauwersmeer
coördinaten N 53.35484  O 6.1531
aantal, kleed 1
soort waarneming veldwaarneming
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) M. Dagnelie, M. Winters
opmerkingen 29 April, Ezumakeeg Noord, Lauwersmeer, Dongeradeel, Friesland, photographed (M Dagnelie, M Winters). This might very well have been the Long-billed Dowitcher accepted for 7-8 May at the same site but, unfortunately, the documentation was inconclusive and this sighting was therefore accepted as an unidentified dowitcher. The Long-billed accepted for the same date at Nieuwkoop disappeared during the day, while this unidentified dowitcher was found in the evening. It was however obviously (much) longer billed than any other dowitcher seen in 2018 and was thus certainly another individual than this unspecified bird. Totals exclude birds accepted as Long-billed (46). Annual Report 2017.


 Michaël Dagnelie · Grote | Kleine Grijze Snip

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