Falco rusticolus  ·  Gyrfalcon

id 4222
datum 24 t/m 30 maart 1998: 7 dagen
gemeente Schiermonnikoog (FR)
locatie Schiermonnikoog
coördinaten N 53.48302  O 6.2308
aantal, kleed 1, onvolwassen
soort waarneming veldwaarneming
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) L. Peters et al
opmerkingen 24-30 March, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, immature, white morph, photographed, videoed (L Peters et al; Peters 1998, van den Berg & Bosman 1999; Birding World 11: 133, 1998, Birdwatch 7 (71): 64, 1998, Dutch Birding 20: 92, plate 50-51, 1998). This magnificent bird, the second white morph after one in December 1909, generated the second-largest birdwatching crowd ever; after its appearance on a television news broadcast, 275 would-be observers gathered on 28 March, joined by radio and television teams. After six long hours of waiting in cold drizzle, the bird finally showed up and warmed the hearts of the crowd. The largest crowd ever to watch a bird in the Netherlands was, reportedly, on 17-18 January 1971, when ‘several 10 000s of people’ gathered to see an escaped Indian White-backed Vulture Gyps bengalensis at Dongen, Noord-Brabant, which mainly sat on the roof of a farmhouse for three weeks before it was captured (Bogaers 1971). Annual Report 1998.


Arnoud B van den Berg · Giervalk Arnoud B van den Berg · Giervalk Arnoud B van den Berg · Giervalk Arnoud B van den Berg · Giervalk

DB 20:98 actueel - Witte Giervalk op Schiermonnikoog

30 jaar Dutch Birding / Hans ter Haar [dutchbirding.nl]

DB 21:309 artikelen - Rare birds in the Netherlands in 1998

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