Emberiza buchanani  ·  Grey-necked Bunting

id 1950
datum 16 oktober 2004
gemeente Castricum (NH)
locatie Noordhollands Duinreservaat, VRS Castricum
coördinaten vervaagd
aantal, kleed 1, eerste-winter
soort waarneming (ring)vangst
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) R. Reijnders, A. Wijker, J. Visser et al
opmerkingen 16 October, Castricum, Noord-Holland, first-winter, ringed, photographed, sound-recorded, videoed (R Reijnders, A Wijker, J Visser et al; Wijker et al 2004; Birding World 17: 412, 2004, Dutch Birding 26: 408, plate 581, 431, plate 610, 2004). Probably the most unexpected and most spectacular record ever for the Netherlands. The birders who trapped the bird noted a long-tailed Ortolan Bunting E hortulana-like bird with an unknown call. After studying the available literature, they came to no other conclusion than that it was a Grey-necked Bunting, a species never recorded before in western Europe. Measurements and coloration of this bird show that it most probably belonged to the subspecies E b neobscura, which originates from eastern Central Asia, western Mongolia and western China (cf Svensson 1992). This subspecies has not been recorded in the Western Palearctic (the subspecies breeding locally in the south-east of the Western Palearctic is E b cerrutii); however, the CDNA thought it unwise to formally accept the bird as E b neobscura because the variation within the various subspecies may not be fully clear. Annual Report 2004.


Henk Levering ·

DB 26:431 actueel - Steenortolaan bij Castricum


André J van Loon · Steenortolaan Arnold Wijker · Steenortolaan Arnold Wijker · Steenortolaan

DB 28:284-291 artikelen - Steenortolaan bij Casticum in oktober 2004


Arnold Wijker · Steenortolaan Guido O Keijl · Steenortolaan Guido O Keijl · Steenortolaan Henk Levering · Steenortolaan Henk Levering · Steenortolaan


Henk Levering · Steenortolaan

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