Westelijke | Moltoni's | Balkanbaardgrasmus

Sylvia inornata | subalpina | cantillans  ·  Western | Moltoni's | Eastern Subalpine Warbler

id 11939
datum 23 t/m 26 mei 1987: 4 dagen
gemeente Bloemendaal (NH)
locatie 't Wed, Kennemerduinen
coördinaten N 52.39760  O 4.5921
aantal, kleed 1, adult-zomer mannetje
soort waarneming veldwaarneming
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) E. J. van Huijssteeden et al
opmerkingen 23-26 May, ’t Wed, Kennemerduinen, Bloemendaal, Noord-Holland, male (E J van Huijssteeden et al). The first record of this taxon. The documentation consisted only of a description but the descriptions of both call and song were very convincing (Gabriel Gargallo in litt) and matched those in Shirihai et al (2000) exactly. The observers were not aware at the time of all differences in song and plumage characters between subspecies. This record proves how important it is to keep good field notes of every detail observed, no matter how unimportant it may seem. The results of the review of all other records of Subalpine Warbler will be published in the 2002 report [Annual Report 2001]. The bird has quite a history: in 1987, when there was only one species recognized in this group, this bird was accepted as ‘just’ a ‘Subalpine Warbler’ sensu lato (Blankert et al 1988). In a first CDNA review in 2002, following the first taxonomic changes of subalpine warblers, it was reidentified and accepted as Moltoni’s Warbler S subalpina, mainly based on the description of its calls; no photographs or sound-recordings were available (van der Vliet et al 2002). In a new review of all subalpine warbler records (cf Wassink & CDNA 2014), the CDNA decided to review this record again. The original description from 1987 of a repeatedly given loud Eurasian Wren Troglodytes troglodytes-like krrr or tsrrr call did not convince the committee that the possibility of an Eastern Subalpine Warbler S cantillans producing a rattle-like call was fully eliminated. This review led to the removal of this species from the Dutch list and this record was re-accepted as ‘just’ a subalpine warbler once again [Annual Report 2015].

DB 24:80-87 artikelen - Moltoni's Warbler at Heist, Belgium, in May 2001

Moltoni's Baardgrasmus van de Nederlandse lijst afgevoerd [dutchavifauna.nl]

DB 39:97 Herziening Nederlandse avifaunistische lijst: Moltoni’s Baardgrasmus afgevoerd

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