Aquila heliaca  ·  Eastern Imperial Eagle

id 11149
datum 3 april 2005
gemeente Dronten (FL)
locatie Kamperhoek
coördinaten N 52.59971  O 5.6415
aantal, kleed 1, derde-kalenderjaar
soort waarneming veldwaarneming
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) R.F.J. van Beusekom, R. Alma, M. Roos et al
opmerkingen 3 April, Kamperhoek, Dronten, Flevoland, third calendar-year, photographed (R F J van Beusekom, R Alma, M Roos et al; van Beusekom 2005; Birding World 18: 149, 2005, Dutch Birding 27: 233, plate 290-291, 2005). The bird was observed by seven birders when flying north over the (now) famous migration observation post at Kamperhoek. [Annual Report 2005]. The 3cy that flew over Kamperhoek, Dronten, Flevoland, on 3 April 2005 remains accepted after reassessment (cf van Beusekom 2007). The two older records of ‘imperial eagles’ were reassessed since the Eastern Imperial from September-October 2017 showed how extremely difficult to identify these twin species are in some plumages. Had it not been for the Hungarian ring, the 2017 bird might actually have stayed unidentified. In Toscana, Italy, the same individual was even identified as a (certain) Spanish (cf Janssen et al 2019)! The two older records (one of each species) were, however, in other, somewhat less challenging plumages and both the committee and consulted foreign experts remained confident that they were correctly identified Annual Report 2018].


David Uit de Weerd · Keizerarend Ruud F J van Beusekom · Keizerarend Ruud F J van Beusekom · Keizerarend Mervyn Roos · Keizerarend Mervyn Roos · Keizerarend Mervyn Roos · Keizerarend Mervyn Roos · Keizerarend Mervyn Roos · Keizerarend Mervyn Roos · Keizerarend

DB 29:153-156 artikelen - Keizerarend bij Kamperhoek in april 2005

DB 27:232-233 actueel - Keizerarend bij Kamperhoek

DB 21:150 Separating juvenile Imperial and Greater Spotted Eagles, in particular of pale morph \'fulvescens\'

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