Calidris mauri  ·  Western Sandpiper

id 68115
datum 15 t/m 19 augustus 2019: 5 dagen
gemeente Waadhoeke (FR)
locatie de Westhoek
coördinaten N 53.27458  O 5.5518
aantal, kleed 1, adult
soort waarneming veldwaarneming
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) W van Zwieten et al
opmerkingen photographed, videoed (Dutch Birding 41: 361, plate 493, 2019, 42: 157, plate 215, 159, plate 216-219, 2020). Another new bird for the country, this one more or less expected. A regular visitor to one of the most spectacular high tide wader roosts of the country photographed a ‘peep’ he did not recognise. He shared photographs on Facebook and it was not long before the bird was correctly identified. It remained for another four days but was only seen around high tide. In order not to disturb this very important Wadden Sea roost that holds 10 000s of waders, the 100s of birders that visited the site did not approach the mudflats but stayed on the dyke at a safe distance of c 150 m. Since the bird had the habit of foraging on the front edge of the huge flock, it still allowed very reasonable scope views.


Wim van Zwieten · Alaskastrandloper Wim van · Alaskastrandloper

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Alaskastrandloper in Westhoek! [dutchbirding.nl]

DB 42:157 Alaskastrandloper bij Westhoek in augustus 2019


Arnoud B van den Berg · Alaskastrandloper

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