Tichodroma muraria  ·  Wallcreeper

id 26343
datum 6 maart 2012
gekoppeld aan 12052
gemeente Maastricht (LI)
locatie Sint Pietersberg, Encigroeve
co√∂rdinaten N 50.82980  O 5.6828
aantal, kleed 1
soort waarneming veldwaarneming
status Aanvaard, gepubliceerd in jaarverslag CDNA
waarnemer(s) N. Rensen, W. Schep, F. Oling et al
opmerkingen 6 March, ENCI-groeve, Pietersberg, Maastricht, Limburg, photographed (N Rensen, W Schep, F Oling et al; Dutch Birding 34: 118, plate 160, 2012). In 2010, one stayed here from 22 November to 11 December (Ovaa et al 2011), and it was seen again by a few lucky birders on only one day in March 2012. It is considered to be the same bird, as consecutive returns to sites away from the regular wintering areas are well known for this species. The lack of more reports in the winter of 2011/12 may be explained by the fact that this is a large and mostly inaccessible quarry, where it may be very difficult to (re)find such a small bird. Annual Report 2012.
gekoppelde gevallen 12052 22 november t/m 11 december 2010
Maastricht (LI) ENCI-groeve
26343 6 maart 2012
Maastricht (LI) Sint Pietersberg, Encigroeve


Nico Rensen · Rotskruiper

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